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Server is Down to become a system administrator

server is down to have you become a system administrator game on linux mac windows pc

Server is Down to have you become a system administrator game on Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to developers AlexTykh and DbVectra. Which is available now on Windows via Steam and

Welcome to Server is Down psychological horror game. Where !E̸R̵R̶O̸R̸ ̵l̴o̴a̷d̵i̸n̴g̷ ̶d̸e̵s̸c̶r̶i̵p̸t̷i̶o̸n̵! breaks the server which you are trying to fix on an old computer. As a result, you and your chat friends are trying to solve the mystery. But you all appear to be on a sinking ship. There seems to be no end to the madness.
At first look, the game looks like a Windows server. Which explains why it breaks so easily. But that being said, AlexTykh and DbVectra are looking at porting the game to Linux.

We will probably port it to Mac and Linux in the future.

There is no release date for the Linux build. The whole game experience is designed in Unity 3D. Therefore porting should be straight forward. Leaving hope for Proton as well. As an alternate way to game on Linux.

Server is Down – Trailer

What also gets my attention. The launch of the new world of psychological horror in a text game. Server is Down follows the events of something odd that breaks the server. Causing a host of critical errors along with it breaking your own reality.
What gets my curiosity is why you, as a player, are trying to fix a server on an old computer? Not to mention an interesting way of trying to solve a mystery. All does not seem hopeless though. With a scene in the trailer that reminds me of “top” on Linux. The game will also have you to learn commands to fix it. Which reminds me of SCO Unix, hence the learning process.


  • Learn new ways and commands to fix broken server
  • Giant manual on 300+ pages for no reason!
  • Share your feelings with chat friends
  • Use old pc and CRT monitor to access server
  • At least 1 deer!

Server is Down is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed. Already available now on Steam and for $6.99 USD. But you can become a system administrator on Windows only right now. Both Linux and Mac support is next in the list.

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