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Shadow Brawlers to receive a native build

shadow brawlers local party game to receive a linux build beside windows pc

Shadow Brawlers local party game developer working on a Linux build beside Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of Team Guazú. The Argentina-based independent game studio. Who’s title is currently has a 100% Positive reviews on Steam. And this is NOT an Early Access game.

Team Güazú announced their stealth fighting party game, Shadow Brawlers. Releasing on Steam for Windows PC last month. Since then we have been following up. Hoping for further details regarding Linux.

The game is built with Unity Engine. So the Linux porting is a very real possibility.

Also due note, Team Guazú goes on to explain their lack of familiarity with Linux. So the interest is certainly there. There is also a possibility that it “might take a while if things get rough.” The email also explains that the lead programmer is new to native support. But the Unity engine should make things easier.
That being said, I also see where someone from the community tried using Proton. Apparently, Shadow Brawlers failed to Start. Which is a bit unusual for a Unity based game. But the plugins for the Unity engine may make things sketch. Therefore, keep your fingers crossed for the developer.

Shadow Brawlers Teaser Release

Shadow Brawlers is a local multiplayer party or “couch” game. While players control cute, agile ninjas that hide in the shadows. Players surprise their opponents by appearing suddenly from the background. So they can attack and then disappear. This is a fast-paced award-winning brawler. The game also features elements from the classic platformer genre. Since they mix in the chaos of modern party games. This combination results in players throwing elbows in same room gaming.

Features include:

  • Fast-paced stealth fighting gameplay
  • Strategic tactics such as color-change camouflage – hide in the shadows! And dead characters can use their souls to reveal a living character’s position
  • 4 Multiplayer Play Modes including 2-Player vs. 2-Player and 4-Player Head-to-Head
  • A Single Player Challenge Mode with 26 unique levels
  • Crazy cast of characters in Shadow Brawlers. With various fighting styles
  • 26 arenas in 6 different worlds and 15 unique skins
  • Reactive physics and environmental traps players on their toes.
  • 6 Power-ups, 7 diverse weapons, and various play styles to add to the strategy
  • Instant replays capture all the action
  • Configurable game modes, and LOTS of eye catching palettes
  • Controller compatibility

With beautiful, lavish animations, a super stylistic color blocked design. The hyper fast gameplay also tests a players’ reflexes. Shadow Brawlers has been selected as part of last fall’s Night Games at IndieCade. Along with being a finalist for the Indie Prize at Casual Connect USA.
This year Shadow Brawlers has been showcased. Both at the Indie MegaBooth at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and PAX East in Boston. As well as the Indie Festival at DreamHack in Atlanta

Shadow Brawlers local party game is available on Steam. But only for Windows PC. While Linux support is in the works. Proton support is also looking like it’s a bit uncertain. And just in case you’re curious, the regular price $14.99 USD. So stay tuned.

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