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Shadow of the Guild developers aiming at a port

shadow of the guild platformer rpg game developers aiming at linux with windows pc

Shadow of the Guild platformer RPG game developers aiming at Linux with Windows PC. All thanks to further details from the talents of developer Guild Studio. Due to make its way onto Steam this year.

Bonus Stage Publishing is eager to announce the publishing of the Shadow of the Guild, coming out in 2022. The game takes inspiration from the first Prince of Persia game with its RPG style progression for your character. You play as a warrior of Rain Merchant’s Guild, whose mission to provide water all over the world is under the threat of Gethro III’s Eastern Empire. So you must now search out what Gethro is doing and get your organization’s powers back.

On top of this, it looks like developer Guild Studio has a further interest in Linux:

The game engine is Unity & Yes we want to make a Linux port.

Shadow of the Guild, as stated, is developed via Unity 3D. Therefore a Linux port should not be too difficult. That being said there is yet a further confirmation with Bonus Stage Publishing before issuing the port. But since Guild Studio want to support Linux native, we are likely to see a native build.

Shadow of the Guild – Trailer

In Shadow of the Guild you can choose to infiltrate the Empire. Doing so by lurking in the shadows as a sneaky assassin, beat ‘em all up as a fierce warrior, or cast all-powerful spells on enemies. Once you choose your path, you can upgrade your specific skills on your character. Or you can develop all skills to be a balanced spy. Complete side quests, find attack combos, unlock the epic cutscenes revealing the story. While you enhance your character with various consumables, giving you new powers.


  • RPG: 3 skill trees to follow the path that suits you best: Warrior / Mage / Assassin
  • Beat ’em all: Dynamic Shadow of the Guild fights where you can mix your skills in epic combos
  • Infiltration: Want to stay in the shadows? Assassinate your enemies discreetly and enjoy the animated cutscenes. There are crafted especially for you!
  • Items: Consumables, throwing weapons, and a whole bunch of runes to give you new skills
  • Story: An epic tale written by the author of the books “La Guilde des Marchands de Pluie”
  • Exploration: Side quests, special items, secret passages

Shadow of the Guild platformer RPG game will release in 2022. Due to offering support for Linux and Windows PC. Along with a playtime of roughly 6 hours. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam .

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