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Shadow Warrior 2 release announced no Linux

shadow warrior 2 release announcement for linux mac windows pc

Shadow Warrior 2 is a #firstperson #hackandslash game developed by independent developer Flying Wild Hog, and finally making it’s way to PC. If you cannot wait to slice up enemies with a #katana, you will be happy to know the wait is not too far off.

Now surviving as a reclusive mercenary on the edge of a corrupted world, the formidable warrior must again wield a devastating combination of guns, blades, magic and wit to strike down the demonic legions overwhelming the world he inadvertently corrupted. Battle alongside allies online in four-player co-op or go it alone in this inventive sequel to the best-selling remake from 2013. Complete outrageous missions, collect powerful new armor, arcane relics of legend and choose from an array of masterfully designed weaponry – including a katana chainsaw that allows you to carve up your enemies in real-time.

Shadow Warrior 2 will finally launch next month on October 13th, with the game supposedly being available for pre-order on Steam, GOG and Humble. Pre-ordering will include a 10% discount off the full price as well as receiving the exclusive “Razorback” chainsaw katana. For those who already own Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset Redux will be able to enjoy an additional 10% discount. The next level above that is the Shadow Warrior 2 Deluxe release, which includes the soundtrack, digital book, and the Solid Gold Pack that includes an exclusive gold co-op ninja skin, katana and MP7 gun.

However the release is looking like a Windows only launch, all the Linux and SteamOS system requirements have been removed. And no reply from Flying Wild Hog or Devolver Digital yet. Just this Steam post from a user asking about Linux and SteamOS support.

Hopefully none of you have pre-ordered Shadow Warrior 2 expecting a Linux or SteamOS launch. Quite frankly this whole change in platform support puts a serious damper in our excitement.