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Shadow Warrior 2 release in two months

Shadow Warrior 2 release available in two months according to twitter

The Shadow Warrior 2  release is getting closer than we thought. The official Twitter account for the game #revealed that the #Linux, Mac and PC version is due “in less than two months.”

Although the developer has to confirm the exact date, we at least know it’s likely sometime in October.

We already know the release will take place on Steam, but Shadow Warrior 2  release will also be available, DRM-free through GOG. Although neither store page has yet to be updated with an October date.

The greatly expanded sequel to Flying Wild Hog’s 2013 reboot of the classic shooter changes things up a great deal. The Shadow Warrior 2  release is transitioning the game’s structure from a linear shooter into a loot-based first-person action-RPG. Citing Diablo as a big influence.

If you missed it, developer Flying Wild Hog showed off 13 minutes of gameplay a few months ago, seen above. This of mix of melee and guns has never looked better.


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