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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter closes with $1.2M in funding


Shadowrun: Hong Kong‘s Kickstarter campaign has ended at $1,204,646.

While that’s not quite as much as the $1.8m developer #HarebrainedSchemes raised for its #cyberpunk #RPG Shadowrun Returns, it’s still mightily impressive.

In some ways it’s even more impressive when one factors in how little Harebrained Schemes was asking for. The Hong Kong Kickstarter set its initial goal at $100K, which it hit in a mere two hours. Thus it raised over 12 times its original goal. (Conversely, Shadowrun Returns asked for $400K, so it ended up around 4.5 times its initial objective.)

Shadowrun: Hong Kong smashed through every one of its stretch goals, including one for an additional 4-5 hour mini-campaign. Other stretch goals added new characters, missions, magic, scene transitions and more.

The developer addressed this surplus of additional money in the a recent update where it said, “We’ll put it towards dealing with problems that crop up during production. We’ll put it towards our test budget. We’ll put it towards pizza and bagels (and healthy stuff) for a team who bust their humps to deliver to the best of their ability. And we’ll use it to try and sneak in little stuff that had to fall off our features list (don’t ask, we’re not telling).”

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is estimated to come out around August on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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