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Shadowrun Online Has Officially Been Kickstarted, Congrats Gamers

Shadowrun Online Funded on Kickstarter

In a last minute pull that made very little sense to me, the Cliffhanger Productions take on Shadowrun has made its final destination of $500,000. In fact, to be clear, the campaign managed a brisky $521,932 as of the publishing of this article, with two hours left on the clock. Congratulations, it looks like gamers pulled through to see an awesome game concept hit its goal.

Now, the scary part about Kickstarter is that there’s no way to properly tell if the game will be trash or not. The concept art looks cool, the few sequences of gameplay some of these projects have look cool, the combat that’s usually briefly put on display looks cool, but as a whole we all know that the game could be trash. It’s scary and yet exhilarating.

In the case of Shadowrun Online, the game is a cyber-punk fantasy RPG that follows some of the elements from the pen and paper game, Cyberpunk. There’s also an infusion of old-school combat and gameplay mechanics, including jacking in, using stealth, manipulating conversations or just blasting people down to the ground like they owed you money for 30 years.

The real highlight of Shadowrun Online is that it comes across as an actual evolutionary concept on the original Shadowrun RPG on home consoles. The idea is that the graphics are improved, the gameplay is improved, the role-playing is improved and the mechanics are improved, but it’s generally the same thing…just improved. Well, we at least hope everything is improved.

Well, scratch one win for gamers. We’ll keep you posted on additional updates and news regarding Shadowrun Online. You can check out the official Kickstarter page to learn more about the game.

Source: CinemaBlend


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