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Shadowrun Online updated to include two-player cooperative gameplay

Shadowrun Online updated to include two-player cooperative gameplay

Shadowrun Online, the successfully-Kickstarted game set in the magic-meets-cyberpunk world of #Shadowrun (no, not that one), has been updated to include two-player cooperative #gameplay and character customization. So now when you blast that cyborg Ork, you can do so with a friend and look good doing it.

If those sound like features you’d expect to be in the game at release, well … the game hasn’t actually launched yet; not fully, anyway. Shadowrun Online is in Early Access, and was only made available via Steam’s service earlier this year. The recent patch to the game changes plenty of other features in the game as well, such as a user interface overhaul and fatigue system. You can check out the full list of changes on the Shadowrun Online website.

Shadowrun Online Releases Co-op and Character Customization

Even the best shadowrunners need backup once in a while, lest their organs wind up for sale at the body bank. The newest update for Shadowrun Online, currently on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac, introduces two-player cooperative gameplay and new character customization features.

See the full list of updates and new features at:

Shadowrun Online introduces two-player cooperative gameplay alongside the current lineup of solo and PvP missions. In the new co-op mode, players can enlist the aid of a friend to strategize and coordinate the perfect assault to tackle random missions together.

Expansive character customization has always been a hallmark of the Shadowrun universe, and the latest update brings new options for race, gender, clothing, and of course, weaponry. Combined with Shadowrun Online’s class-free progression, players will have the freedom to create characters that are truly their own.

Based on the best-selling tabletop RPG, Shadowrun Online combines turn-based strategy with the persistent world of an MMO, and crosses the boundaries between the digital and pen-and-paper realms. Through their cumulative choices in an evolving campaign, players of Shadowrun Online will help shape the future of the Shadowrun universe.

From Cliffhanger Productions, creators of the tactical MOBA for desktop and mobile, ÆRENA: Clash of Champions, Shadowrun Online is currently available for PC and Mac on Steam Early Access and features solo, PvP, and cooperative gameplay, including cross-platform multiplayer.

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