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Shadowrun Returns: $1 million in pledges guarantee Linux port

With the recent announcement of a Mac port, the Linux community has come out asking whether Shadowrun Returns will support Linux. Harebrained has said it doesn’t want to overreach, so that version has been off the table until now.

“As we said over the weekend, we’re being very careful not to over-commit to ideas and features (especially just to get more funding),” the Kickstarter post update reads. But with $1 million, the developer is confident it can outsource the port to a trusted studio and offer a Linux version shortly after launch. Zipline Games has already built Linux support into Moai, the development environment used by Harebrained Schemes to create Shadowrun Returns.

If the $1 million goal is met, all $15 backers will have access to the Linux port of Shadowrun Returns when it’s ready.