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Shadowrun Returns Berlin aims for October DLC

Shadowrun Returns Berlin aims for October DLC

Shadowrun Returns may be out for PC and Mac, but oh, there’s still so much to do. Developer HareBrained Schemes dropped a dev update on Friday, with news on its Linux, iOS and Android versions, as well as the Berlin add-on campaign that’ll be free to backers.

The blog post explains that it’s working away on the Linux version, but “it’s still unclear just how much more work is necessary. Some bits work just fine, see, while others make everything explode. “We’re confident we can work through the various Linux-related issues, but it is going to take some time to wrangle them into submission.”

Also coming are the Android tablet and iPad versions, which had once been planned to launch alongside their grey box siblings. “We expect the remaining work on the tablet versions should only take a couple of weeks,” it says, but they’ll need to pass Apple certification so a date’s not settled.

It’s not all ports, though. HBS released the first patch for PC and Mac on Friday, and plans more as needed. It’s working on the Berlin campaign too, which will be free to Kickstarter backers but paid for regular folks.

“Development of Berlin art is already underway, and our design team is also starting to prototype gameplay and mission ideas for the Berlin campaign,” HareBrained said. It’s aiming to launch the add-on in “later October,” but until then enjoy this WIP screenshot:

Shadowrun Returns Berlin aims for October DLC

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