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‘Shadowrun Returns’ fully funded, $400k in 28 hours


Veteran Seattle-area video-game designer Jordan Weisman and his colleagues at Harebrained Schemes turned to Kickstarter yesterday to fund “Shadowrun Returns,” a revival of Weisman’s popular role-playing video-game franchise.

Harebrained Schemes’ thank you message to Shadowrun fans

They hoped to raise 400,000 over the rest of the month from fans of the game.

A day later, they’ve already reached their goal, and the number is still going up, currently at more than $442,000.

In fact they’ve surpassed it by enough that they’re promising to make a Mac version, and possibly Linux, as well, in addition to the versions of the game that they had planned for iPad, Android tablets and PCs.

It’s an impressive example of the power of the crowdsourced funding platform, and the popularity of Shadowrun.

“Wow, we never expected in our wildest dreams that this thing could get funded in such a short amount of time,” says Weisman in a video message above to the fans who supported the game. “It really amazes and touches us that the Shadowrun property and universe still has such resonance. That’s pretty rewarding to hear and extremely exciting for us to be able to make this game.”

Now comes the hard (and fun) part: Making the game.

Weisman says in the video that the company will “work damn hard” to live up to the faith that Shadowrun’s fans have put in them.

by Todd Bishop

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