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Shadowrun Returns hits $1m in funding, more depth, exclusive mission planned

Cyberbunk RPG not doing too shabby on Kickstarter

The latest big Kickstarter project Shadowrun Returns has surpassed its original funding goal of $400,000 and hit $1.1 million and change.

What this means for the cyberpunk RPG is more depth (added characters, locations, and such), a better level editor, and a soundtrack akin to the other Shadowrun games. Franchise creator Jordan Weisman says they could add more features to the game with the extra dough, but they feel pretty content with the current list, and would prefer to flesh things out as they are.

That said, Linux support has been added on top of the PC and Mac support, and if they hit $1.5m, they’ll throw in a mission exclusively for those who fund the game (as opposed to buying it on release) — think of it as a thank you.

12 days are left to support the project. If you haven’t yet and are keen to, hit the source. Note PayPal is now supported for those without credit cards.

by Sean Ridgeley

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