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Shadowrun Returns patch 1.1 delivers Linux client and beta features

#ShadowrunReturns, the successful #Kickstarter project developed by Harebrained, will be given a fresh patch that Linux owners should take note of. #Patch 1.1 includes two significant features: early access to the code improvements and the initial release of the #Linux #version of both the #game and editor portion of the package. The notes have been provided via the Kickstarter page.

This new beta version of the game isn’t exactly like previous patches, as the developers explain. As detailed in a new blog post, it also brings about an opt-in beta for upcoming game features. Players are invited to participate and provide feedback via the RPG’s forums

“We’re doing things a bit differently than the previous patches we’ve released. We’ve pushed a version up to Steam in a special opt-in ‘public beta’ channel before releasing it to the general public,” the post reads. “We will be monitoring this build and the forums closely for any bugs or issues that people may encounter, and if things go smoothly, we expect to promote it to the main release after a week or two.”

The Linux version is included in this beta, if you’re keen, but for details of new content and updates, consult the following changelog:

  • New UGC Goodies
  • Physical Adepts: Chi abilities have been changed to provide passive benefits. They can be “activated” as before to get the full benefit. Physical Adepts now should be able to use Roundhouse Kick and Disarm while Killing Hands is active.
  • Text & Numpad Input in Conversation: Want to setup a keycode-accessible safe? Or password protect a data terminal? Now you can with these versatile new conversation input options. We’re already having fun with this feature in the Berlin campaign and we’re sure you’ll come up with many great uses for it too.
  • Light Scripts: We’ve seen a lot of clever tricks people are doing with triggers for lights. In order to make that a lot less painful (and even more powerful), we’ve introduced a small scripting language to control the fading and animation of light colors. That discotheque can now come alive like never before.
  • Objectives UI Labels: These are on screen elements that allow you to give players feedback toward intra-scene goals. For example: “Bombs to defuse: 2 of 5”. We figured these might come in handy.
  • Triggers for Items: We’ve added trigger events for when players use items. This actually winds up being super useful for making a lot of creative and reactive levels. We’ve got our own nefarious plots for this particular feature, but we’re curious what you guys can do with it.
  • Visible Trigger Regions: You can make trigger regions visible in game now (with a color of your choice). Sometimes it’s easier to “Get to tha’ choppa’!” if you know where the heck to go. Now you can.

In addition to the features listed above, Harebrained is still working on future updates including improvements to the save game system.

Those who want to test it all out should head on over to the Steam forums. Linux users, on the other hand, should know that the developers are using the few development machines they have in house to make this particular version as strong as the rest. Shadowrun Returns will be available on Linux when Patch 1.1 rolls out, and from there, it will be updated alongside both the PC and Mac editions of the game.

If you haven’t seen the game in action, there’s plenty of a gameplay goodness to enjoy out there. Backers who have already experienced this series return shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for this significant patch.

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