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Shadows of Adam and the Guild of the Artificers

shadows of adam and the guild of the artificers dlc for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

While picking up where Shadows of Adam left off. Guild of the Artificers will enchant players new and old with fresh content for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Liberally placed throughout the core game every step of the way. So the jam-packed DLC features three epic bosses, a battle arena and artifact crafting. As well as dozens of new items and skills and a super-ultra-bonus dungeon. Something sure to challenge even the hardest of hardcore RPG fans. Due to release on October 24th, 2017 via Steam.
So if that’s not enough, players can spice up the entire game with a New Game Plus mode. Turning the games experience up to eleven, just for veterans.

Shadows of Adam – Guild of the Artificers Official Release Trailer:

Guild of the Artificers DLC includes:

  • New Game Plus Mode – Replay the game with all end game equipment and artifacts, but at level 1. All monsters get a buff to their power. Can you survive?
  • Battle Arena – Fight thrilling gauntlets of battles for the games rare and awesome rewards!
  • Artifact Crafting – Combine and craft your own unique artifacts. Mix and match your favorites to create the ultimate combination!
  • Black Market – Buy powerful items from the world’s most illustrious shop keepers!
  • Mystic Caverns – Legend says there is a mystical cave that holds some of the greatest treasure of all mankind. Be warned, monsters and puzzles of unfathomable power await you!
  • Higher Level Cap – Reach new heights with an extended level cap of 50. Demonstrate your prowess to unlock a high-level skill for each of the four heroes.
  • New Bosses – Take on 3 epic bosses designed to test the limits of your battle-hardened mettle.
  • New Achievements – Over 10 new achievements to unlock!

“While DLC for a JRPG is a rarity in itself, we aimed to exceed any expectations in order to absolutely blow the minds of our players. Our fan’s conviction to Shadows of Adam is a testament to the quality we sought to achieve, and Guild of the Artificers is our parting gift recognizing their undying loyalty.”
-Timothy Wendorf, Creative Director

“I’m beyond excited to release Guild of the Artificers to our fans. We’ve put a lot of heart into making this as great as possible. Something we couldn’t have done without all the support and feedback from our wonderful community of Shadows of Adam players.”
-Tyler Mire, Composer and Project Manager

Shadows of Adam – Guild of the Artificers releases Oct 24th, 2017 on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. For more information, check out the Steam store page. No release date price yet.