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Shadows of Kepler to get support on Kickstarter

shadows of kepler to get support on kickstarter for linux windows pc demo

Shadows of Kepler to get support on Kickstarter for Linux beside Windows PC. Thanks to the developer Infinite Hole. Who are also working on the sci-fi horror survival game. With already had a Demo available on Steam.

The launch of there Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and demo. Which is, of course, live for Shadows of Kepler. But the Demo is only available for Windows PC. So what’s the deal regarding Linux?

Linux Support:

Our programmer is working to make the DEMO available for Linux. The Engine used was UNREAL ENGINE 4.

Now the developer did not mention when the Demo will be available. But soon. However, it’s also a pleasure to see Infinite Hole already taking an interest in Linux platform support. Ahead of my own request.
As a further bit of positive news. There are a bunch of Youtubers with more than a million subs, sharing gameplay. And so far everyone has very, very positive feedback. Even though there are some bugs, which the studio is already taking care of. But we should also have a Linux Demo coming very soon.

Shadows of Kepler Kickstarter Trailer

Shadows of Kepler is a Sci-Fi Horror Survival game. It contains RPG elements to bring a unique game style in the first person. Take the place of Sargent Cooper and let him make the right choices in this terrifying journey. Don’t let the planet Kepler kills all the human hopes.

Shadows of Kepler is a Sci-Fi Horror Survival game. Therefore, you can expect RPG elements with a unique style in first person.

Rodrigo Banzato Rodrigo is a 3D Artist / Game Designer. ‘We worked for 2 years in our free time to make the game. A 30 min playable demo, it’s a sci-fi horror title. Our idea is always to learn and improve. Making this an incredible game experience for you. Take your time to play the demo. Also, remember that is is just a demo. And doesn’t represent the final quality of the product’.
Shadows of Kepler also includes butterfly effects. This means, if you choose one option, the game puts you in one specific direction. All of these details are not unconscious for the player. Since they change the path of the Shadows of Kepler story.

After a great catastrophe in Earth. Sargent Cooper wakes up on the spaceship. Everything is fine until something very bad things happen. He also comes across a new planet, the planet Kepler.

Kepler has lots of dangerous places. So the player will have to discover how to survive the unique environment. And also inside the spaceship itself. Everything is connected with charismatic characters. They, in turn, help you to survive in this place.

Discover the mysteries of this very dangerous adventure, welcome to Shadows of Kepler.


  • A beautiful, hostile world – discover the dangers of the planet Kepler
  • Deadly combat and stealth – customise your arsenal of weaponry. Engage human and mutant foes in Shadows of Kepler‘s thrilling tactical combat
  • Your choices determine how you will survive in the journey. Since your decisions have consequence in the storyline. Offering massive re-playability
  • The different places let you see a little of everything in this journey. So use your space suit, try to help the humans and survive in this terrifying place.

Make sure to follow Infinite Hole on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If you want to test Shadows of Kepler via Proton on Steam. Download the demo.

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