Shadowy Contracts stealth RPG support plans

shadowy contracts stealth rpg support plans for linux and windows pc early access

Shadowy Contracts stealth RPG support plans for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer ExiledThunder Productions. The games on it’s way to Steam Early Access next month. So we reached out for native support details.

Shadowy Contracts a stealth RPG by solo developer Mark Nasr. Due to release in Early Access on Thursday, October 3rd. Actually, the email I received is kind of surprising.

Linux Support Plans:

I am using Unity to develop the game.
A Linux port is hopefully planned during the Early Access period. My best guess would be in 1-3 months. It will depend on any issues that show up when porting to Linux.

There is no release date for Shadowy Contracts on Linux. But the fact that support is coming is appreciated. Some of the recent game developers have only had an “if the game is successful” commitment. While ExiledThunder Productions already has plans to expand platform support. So kudos to solo developer Mark Nasr.

Shadowy Contracts takes place in a large open world. Due to taking inspiration from the Dark Ages and sword-and-sorcery movies. The game has a straight forward premise. Take on contracts and eliminate targets for gold … or die trying.

Also, in keeping with RPG standards. Gold can be used to purchase weapons, armor, and effects/enchants. At the start of Early Access, you can expect 52 weapons and 38 armor sets. Plus 21 weapon effects/enchants will be available. Along with more coming in the near future. Successful assassins can also use their revenue streams to hire and lead mercenaries into battle. Raising the stakes in a big way. You can also get a glimpse int the trailer below.

Shadowy Contracts Early Access Trailer

In Shadowy Contracts, King Arthur ascends the throne. While the world is hurting from violence, poverty, and hardship.
Not willing to sit and wait while things get better. Our main character joins an assassin organization. While coming to grips with an unexpected magical heritage in the process. Which you can help shape via Early Access.


  • Enjoy more than 7 contracts and 4 battle levels – with more coming soon!
  • Loot and buy more than 52 different weapons, 38 armor sets, and 21 weapon effects/enchants.
  • Progress by not only looting weapons but also learning abilities and spells using the talent tree.
  • Play your way with levels and enemies that scale with you.
  • Customize your character freely with an extensive character creation system.

Shadowy Contracts will be available on Steam for Windows PC. Doing so on Thursday, October 3rd. Priced at $9.74 USD with a 25% discount. Then on October 10, the game will return to its original retail price of $12.99 USD.

Also note, the game runs well via Steam Play/Proton. 🙂

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