Shadwen stealth action “demo event” with a Reddit AMA today

Shadwen stealth action "demo event" with a Reddit AMA today

Finnish game developer #Frozenbyte is happy to report that the special “Demo Event” for its upcoming #stealth action #game Shadwen at has started off tremendously. The initial launch price was $35 and in two dayshas gone down to $24. Each playthrough helps drive down the price even more. So far there’s been over 10.000 downloads, 1.5 million points and over 50.000 killed guards during the event.

Frozenbyte is also hosting a Reddit AMA right now, Friday the 26th of February: We are the developers of Trine, and we failed our fans with Trine 3. Now we are trying to make a comeback. Ask us anything! .

A level editor has also been confirmed for the launch of Shadwen.

The event will run for three more days, ending on Monday the 29th of February.

“We are super stoked that players are playing the sneak-peek demo in such great numbers, and we’re even more delighted that the feedback has been almost overwhelmingly positive,” said Frozenbyte CEO Mr. Lauri Hyvärinen, and continued: “Shadwen is taking bold steps in the stealth genre with its time rewind mechanics and physics-based gameplay, and we’re happy to see it’s resonating so well with players. We can’t wait to unleash Shadwen in all its glory!”

Demo Event Trailer on YouTube:

Step 1: Download the free sneak peek demo at (available on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store)

Step 2: Play! Complete the demo as many times as you want, each playthrough contributes to a community score; the higher the community score, the lower the launch price!

Step 3: Share and win! Watch the launch price go down and share your best moments with #FromTheShadows for a chance to win Shadwen and Frozenbyte related prizes!

The event runs from Wednesday February 24th to Monday February 29th. The demo will be available for a limited time.

Shadwen is a stealth-action game where the only rule is to remain unseen. Stay hidden – or the ruthless guards will kill you on sight!
An assassin on a quest to kill the king, has a chance encounter with an orphaned girl, Lily. She follows Shadwen on her dangerous journey, but when the ruthless guards get too close, Shadwen must take action right in front of Lily’s eyes.

Will Shadwen risk the girl’s budding trust by resorting to violence, or try and find another way while keeping her real purpose concealed?

To kill or not to kill – that is the question.

Shadwen Features:

  • MOVE FREELY – Sneak and explore around the dark and gritty medieval province and use the environment to your advantage – use your rope to grapple onto rooftops, silently drop from ceilings, or veil yourself in the shadows.
  • STAY HIDDEN – Pick your assassinations carefully. Avoid being seen, heard or getting caught indirectly. Suspicious sights and noises will alert the guards – use it to your benefit!
  • TIME IS AN ACCOMPLICE – Time stands still when you are not moving Shadwen, allowing you to stop at any point mid-motion. Rewind time to manipulate your past and present actions!
  • USE PHYSICS – Use physics and a freely attachable rope to drag and topple objects. Make deaths look accidental; let gravity do the grave work.
  • CREATE TRAPS AND HAZARDS – Set up traps and hazards to lure guards towards their untimely demise; discover new ways to eliminate or distract your foes by crafting items into deadly surprises, including poison traps, spike devices, decoy toys and more.
  • TWO CHARACTERS – Embrace the darkness with Shadwen and her abilities to protect Lily and create a safe passage for her.

Shadwen will be released in the spring 2016 for Linux, Mac, Windows PC and consoles, with exact dates and platforms to be announced later.


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