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SHAFTED tests you in a mini mining colony

shafted tests you in a mini mining colony on linux and windows pc

SHAFTED tests you as the mini mining colony game launches on Linux and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work from developer Looch Labs. Which is now live on Steam with a discount.

Looch Lab is eager announce their debut title, SHAFTED. This is an aptly priced resource management game. One that also tests you to deliver the payload quickly. Build a mini mining colony, optimize your mineral outputs and pay off your contracts. Doing so before you get shafted.

Contracts start on five by five grid-based dioramas. So players must manage their building and mining placement. Due to maximizing their resource production. Every building and mining resource can have its output optimized to increase production value. But this also comes at a cost.

SHAFTED – Gameplay Trailer

Managing your resource output isn’t the only logistical challenge that can shaft you. Your contracts need paying, and leaving these payloads outstanding can result in the setting destruction. Which is also your perfectly setup mining colony.

Building and managing your SHAFTED mining empire is a process that can play out over three stages. So at the end of every stage, the land you have to mine is adds on more but an extra row and column. As a result, a larger mining opportunity comes with larger contract liabilities.

Key Features:

  • Micro-mining management. Manage for primary minerals; stone, copper, iron, and gold. Each mineral is essential for a different use, from purchasing buildings to mining upgrades.
  • An optimized miner is a happy miner. Enter any mineshaft to optimize your outputs. Upgrade mines to increase potential optimized output for the mined resource.
  • Mine every daySHAFTED also plays like most turn-based tactic games. Every day offers you a new opportunity to place mines, optimize output or pay contracts.
  • Short mining contractsSHAFTED is due to offer quick and replayable gameplay sessions. A typical mining run will require getting dirty for just 30 minutes. If you choose to keep getting shafted then that’s on you.

SHAFTED mini mining colony game launches on Steam. Along with Linux and Windows PC support. Priced at $3.99 USD / £3.19 / 3,19€, including the 20% launch week discount. But due note, the discount is only available until October 20th.

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