Shallow Space 3D Real Time Strategy now on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


A new titles set in this universe is to be called Shallow Space which is an #ambitious 3D Real Time Strategy game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, from #developers #SpecialCircumstances. The game borrows cues from the iconic titles such as Homeworld and Nexus: The Jupiter Incident in the controls and the planned story-driven campaign. But Shallow Space is looking to be the next champion of the strategy space genre, landing on Steam Early Access with a 10% discount until October 28th.

Players start with a certain amount of points to spend to configure their forces before a mission. Choosing from an array of preconfigured ships then setup Flotillas for various tasks, these tasks are further underlined by a “Class” system, which will denote the Company or Regiment the Flotilla is “borrowed” from, granting bonuses to that role. (Examples include “227th Highlanders” (Assault Practitioners,) “178th Pioneers” (Support & Acquisition,) “07th Wasps” (Carrier Command).

Each of the players Officers grant bonuses to the amount of ships that can be commanded and therefore, the amount of slots available for their ships. The player will get a certain number of MP (military points) to spend before each mission, but this will not fill their Battlegroup and should instead pick the mightiest of Capital craft with a keen support function. The player can then use that support function to gather resources and construct more ships in-mission in a more standard RTS fashion.

  • Missiles/Torpedoes will come in different types for different jobs
  • A wide choice of Carriers and Corvettes
  • Ships can be rigged with different type of weapons (Turret and Fixed) with differing damage types (Energy, Kinetic, Precise.)
  • Blueprints to Hull and Weapon variants can be found in-mission and the game will feature a random loot drop system for the Single-player campaign.
  • Ships can be configured with hull and weapons modules for seemingly infinite combinations.

In addition to all the customization, the Wings/Flotilla system allows Special Circumstances to do some very clever things with the AI and the planned Officer/Crew RPG features. The player will complete RPG-like activities and complete tasks with their custom fleet, such as collect incidental missions from NPC forces, hunt down enemy fortifications and progress from the main quest set by command, as well as resource collecting, unit construction and all the standard RTS fare.

According to James Martin, the game’s creator, Shallow Space is expect to “advance quickly” through its Early Access stage. This will take place over about one year, releasing two updates per month. Where the full release of the game will have a non-linear campaign, procedurally generated loot and ship modules, an RPG-like progression system, and of course a cross-platform multiplayer and co-op, plus a few other cosmetic features.

Shallow Space is available now for Linux and Windows PC on Steam Early Access now with a 10% discount until October 28th.

More details are available on the official website, as well as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.






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