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shapez 2 factory building sequel revealed

shapez 2 is factory building game reveal that is due to make its way onto linux mac and windows pc

shapez 2 is factory building game reveal that is due to make its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the brilliant minds at tobspr Games, they are working on another masterpiece. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2024.

tobspr Games reveal an exciting look into their latest project: shapez 2. Riding on the success of their previous venture, shapez, they promise to deliver an even deeper title on Linux. Here’s what you need to know.

At its core, shapez 2 is about creating and operating virtual factories. Where you can design and manage colossal assembly lines. These lines aren’t just producing random items but rather, intricate geometric designs. Your main goal? Take simple shapes, break them apart, paint them, stack them, and craft complex designs from them.

In shapez 2, there’s an exciting twist: everything is in 3D. Instead of a flat factory, now you’re working in multiple layers. Since you can interact with these layers, see inside the constructions, and build upwards. Due to give your factory building depth and intricacy. Such as a multi-story building, where each floor has a unique function and purpose. That’s the level of detail we’ll be diving into.

Now, here’s where strategy comes into shapez 2. As you craft more complex designs, you’ll unlock advanced technologies. These will help you tackle even greater challenges and design even more unique geometric patterns. It’s a cycle of learning and innovation. Design, test, learn, and then redesign to make your production lines better. Maybe even faster and more efficient

shapez 2 – Official Reveal Trailer

If you’ve ever tried your hand at puzzles, logic tasks, or train sets. shapez 2 is like being the mastermind behind an intricate web of moving parts. Where each piece has a role, and every decision you make affects the outcome.

The legacy of its predecessor, shapez, is no small feat to live up to. The numbers speak for themselves: nearly half a million copies sold on Steam and a whopping 10 million people tried their hand at the demo on While shapez 2 is already palpable, with over 150,000 adding it to their Steam wishlists, making it a highly anticipated release.

What’s notable is the support tobspr Games has garnered. Recognizing its potential, the German government has chipped in with funding. This support is key, enabling the founder, Tobias Springer, to bolster his team. Since they are now a solid group of seven primary members and several freelancers. Gearing up to deliver a great title.

For those of you who’ve tried the first title, there are more upgrades to look forward to in shapez 2. A revamped research tree ensures you’ll find reasons to come back again and again. New features, like trains being added, a blueprint library, and the handling of fluids, promise a richer gameplay. And of course, 3D visuals.

All in all, shapez 2 is shaping up to be an outstanding factory building title. Ideal for anyone with a passion for strategy, design, and innovation. Gearing up for a year or more on Steam Early Access, starting in 2024. Plus support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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