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Sheepo shape shifting metroidvania incoming

sheepo shape shifting metroidvania incoming release for linux and windows pc

Sheepo is a new shape shifting metroidvania release coming to Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to a recent reply from developer Kyle Thompson. Which is due to release this month on Steam.

Sheepo is a quirky shape shifting metroidvania game. Which will be releasing onto Steam, August 26th 2020. Along with this date announcement, there is also a new launch trailer. But even more importantly, Linux support is in the pipeline for Sheepo.

A Linux port is definitely planned. However, I unfortunately can’t yet give an exact date. I’m planning to get that all figured out within a month or two of the PC release though. The game is built with Game Maker Studio 2. So porting to Linux shouldn’t be particularly difficult.

While this is good news for Linux support. There will have to be some native testing going on first. But of course, platform support for one developer can be time consuming. Which explains why there is no exactly date for Sheepo yet. But the good news, this means bug fixes will take priority before a native port. Even more, it’s great to see that a Linux port is already in the plans.

Sheepo Launch Trailer

Sheepo is a pacifistic metroidvania. Since you will have to collect and shape-shift into any creature you find. Each creature has its own unique movement options and controls. Which forces the player to adapt. Having to also juggle between several forms in order to reach difficult spots in the game.

Setting itself apart from other games in the genre. Sheepo contains no standard combat. Therefore, instead, your goal is to simply explore, collect, and transform. Finally, saving the mysterious planet, Cebron, in the process.

Storyline: It’s Sheepo‘s first day on the job at an intergalactic species database. Your first task? To visit an uncharted planet and save all its living creatures from death. It might seem like a lot of work for a single day. But thankfully a day on Planet Cebron lasts 8000 earth days.

Specifically, Sheepo is tasked to collect one unhatched egg. Doing so for every creature on the planet. With each egg he collects, you gain the ability to shape-shift into that creature on contact. Since this allows you to explore the deeper reaches of the planets sprawling environment.

With the Sheepo release coming to Steam for Windows PC. Do note, a Linux port is in the plan. Now bad for a game priced at only $8.99 USD.

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