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ShellShock Live strategic online multiplayer releases

shellshock live strategic online multiplayer game releases on linux mac windows pc

ShellShock Live strategic online multiplayer game releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer kChamp Games who are proud to announce version 1.0. Available now on Steam.

ShellShock Live the popular multiplayer artillery game launches. A strategic online multiplayer artillery game focusing around using tanks. So you you can blow your opponents to smithereens. While encouraging players to keep playing as they level up. Unlocking new tanks, music, maps and hundreds of upgradeable weapons. If you’re a fan of Scorched Earth, Death Tank, and Worms. You’ll certainly be right at home with ShellShock Live.

New Features:

  • Attack Drones
    Attack drones will occasionally scatter throughout the sky. All ready for battle. So if you hit one with a shot it’ll join forces with your team. And also attack your enemies! Drones last one turn and fly away when they’ve completed their assault.
  • Firing Range Scenario Editor
    A fully featured Scenario Editor is also part of the ShellShock Live Firing Range. Modify the map, add obstacles and enemies. So you can test your creation. Useful for practicing unique setups and testing the limits of weapons. Maybe even just messing around. Enter the Scenario Editor by pressing the “Edit” button in the top left corner of the Firing Range.
  • Ally Aim Visibility
    Teammate aim details are now fully visible. Which also releases an entirely new level of strategy! Plan out your shots based on your environment and teammate’s decisions. Pair it with teammate weapon visibility for the ultimate tactical advantage. Teammate aim details are even visible after your tank has been destroyed.

ShellShock Live v1.0 Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

  • X3 Damage Buff
    Supercharge your projectile with this rare multiplier causing 3 times the damage. Make sure to grab it before your opponents does. The extra damage is valuable! X3 buffs are also much smaller and more difficult to hit than X2s.
  • Mission Thumbnails
    The ShellShock Live mission set list got a visual overhaul. Therefore it now displays a previews of the mission. Tank positions, bumpers, buffs, and portals included.
  • Vortex Mode
    In Vortex Mode, all shots must first pass through a portal before dealing damage to an enemy. It’s similar to rebound, but with an inter-dimensional twist. Portals are continually rotating out. So you’ll have to discover and remember which portals match up!
  • Star Badges
    When 100 levels just isn’t enough for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Dedicated players can now unlock star badges at various XP points. Some badges are accompanied by in-game rewards. Star Badges are shown in the multiplayer lobby for all to see.
  • Bonus Campaign Mission Set
    A new ShellShock Live campaign is added to the bonus set. With 10 tough new missions leveraging updated game mechanics. New missions range from flushing out protected enemies. With 22 attack drones to hunting down foes with nothing but a dagger. Complete the entire set for a reward. Good luck!


  • 8-player ShellShock Live online multiplayer battles: Team or free-for-all, with several game modes and options; turn-based shooting or all-shot (i.e., everyone shoots at once).
  • 200+ unique upgradable weapons: Use weapons frequently to upgrade them to more powerful weapons (e.g., stream -> creek -> river -> tsunami).
  • 100+ ranks: Earn XP to level up to a new rank unlocking new weapons, maps, tank parts, and skill points; use skill points to upgrade your tank and unlock new skills.
  • Fully customizable and upgradeable tanks: Earn tank parts by leveling up and completing challenges; customize your tank with parts you’ve earned.

So now you can battle your friends in the full release. And hopefully collect the cards and unlock more upgrades. Also included in the game is a projectile lighting system. Since this makes battles look more beautiful than ever before.

ShellShock Live strategic online multiplayer game releases for $6.99 USD. Compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A bundle that includes four full copies of the game is also available for $19.99 USD.

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