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Shelter 3 adventure simulation coming 2020

shelter 3 adventure simulation coming 2020 in linux mac windows games

Shelter 3 adventure simulation games coming 2020 on Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to Might and Delight. Who also dropped the next games trailer. Coming to Steam and GOG.

Shelter 3 returns the player to natural landscapes. Since the Shelter continues to have success. Yet this time you play as an elephant mother. One who is also in charge of her herd.
In this majestic incarnation. Players will experience the trials and pain of life on the plains. While steering their herd in search of new pasture. Also being careful to keep calves from tigers and crocodiles.

Since Shelter 3 takes herding. Both as its spirit and heritage as its soul. Where Shelter 2 centred on a lone lynx mother. Protecting her cub as they found and killed prey.
So now in Shelter 3 is a chance to explore. Now a much more sociable kind of animal existence. Where motherhood and social harmony. Also face inheritance, as the keys to prosperity.

Artistic Director Anders Westin explains. Detailing how the team chose the world of elephants for Shelter 3. “We really wanted to explore how animals work together, in larger units than family. And how social and hierarchical their worlds can be.”

Shelter 3 Announce Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Like its previous releases. Shelter 3 invites you to detach yourself. Leaving human concerns behind. While inhabiting the spirit of an animal. Real world savannas are rendered in mesmerising patterns. Also coming with an enchanting soundtrack. Thanks to Retro Family. Appealing to a magical, parallel world to lose yourself in.

In the research phase of Shelter 3 development. Anders and the team visited Kolmården zoo. Anders says: “We realised that in many ways. Elephants are like an extension of the Shelter Community. Social, peaceful, and happy in a herd.”

While progressing from lynx cubs to elephant families. From the tundra to the jungle. Also from survival to cooperation. This next Shelter incarnation migrates to new territory. Evolving into a bigger game world. And a unique experience that you won’t forget. Which is the detail that makes the Shelter series so successful.

Shelter 3 adventure simulation will release in 2020. The games also coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. You can also notified and get a sneak peek of more artwork. Visit the Steam page and Wishlist.

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