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Shelter 3 the trials and tribulations of support

shelter 3 the trials and tribulations of support mean a delay for linux mac and windows pc this time

Shelter 3 the trials and tribulations of support mean a delay for Linux besides Mac and Windows PC this time. According to details from developer Might and Delight. Due to make it’s way onto Steam.

Might and Delight are proud to present you with the latest game in the Shelter series. Due to arrive on Steam, March 30th, 2021.
This time Shelter 3 invites you to play as part of an elephant herd. While combining the tension of survival gameplay with the tranquility of a beautiful landscape.

Since Shelter 2 found it’s way onto Linux, this different for this next game. According to an email reply from Might and Delight.

Shelter 3 will not be out for Linux now, but later.

So a Linux port is coming, but it will be later. While this is good news, Might and Delight do not have a release date yet. But it’s a pleasure to know that there is a plan for support is coming.

Shelter 3: Launch Date Trailer

Shelter 3is a majestic incarnation. As a result, players will experience the trials and tribulations of life on the plains. Since they will ahve to steer their herd in search of new pasture. At the same time being careful to keep calves away from tigers and crocodiles. What’s more, your matriarch is old and needs your help to reunite the herd. Leaving it up to you to help her choose a path to them, sharing her memories and wisdom as you go.

Shelter 3 takes herding as its spirit and heritage as its soul. Where Shelter 2 centered on a lone lynx mother and her cubs as they found and killed prey. Shelter 3 is a chance to explore a much more sociable kind of animal existence. Where motherhood, social harmony and inheritance are the keys to prosperity.

Like its forebears, Shelter 3 invites you to detach yourself from human concerns and inhabit the spirit of an animal. Real world savannas are rendered in mesmerising patterns. Scored with an enchanting soundtrack by Retro Family, conjuring a magical, parallel world to lose yourself in.

In the research phase of development, Artistic Director Anders Westin and the team visited Kolmården zoo. Anders says: “We realised that in many ways, elephants are like an extension of the Shelter Community. Social, peaceful, and happy in a herd.”

From lynx cubs to elephant families… from the tundra to the jungle… from survival to cooperation… the next Shelter incarnation migrates to new territory. Evolving into a bigger game world and an experience that you won’t forget.

Shelter 3 will be releasing on March 30th, 2021. Due to make its debut on Mac and Windows PC, with Linux coming later. So be sure to visit the Steam page and wishlist.

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