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Sheltered: Stasis content launches on Steam

sheltered stasis content launches on steam for linux mac windows

Sheltered: Stasis new free scenario launches on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. This come to native games thanks to Team17, creative partner and developer of independent, premium video games. Also in partnership with Unicube. Still holding a 88% Very Positive reviews on Steam.

Sheltered: Stasis is available now on Steam, coming soon to GOG. This is also an all new scenario and free of charge for all players who own the game. To coincide with the launch of Stasis. Sheltered is also available with a 75% discount on Steam until October 8th.

Earth is dying. There will be no recovering from the apocalypse that man has unleashed onto the world. The land is swarming with mutated survivors and wildlife, the weather conditions become more extreme week by week and resources are all but non-existent. Earth is no longer a home, you must reach out to the stars and find a new one…

In Stasis, our second scenario for Sheltered, you’ll be tasked with building and launching a rocket to leave Earth.

The game will be complete if you successfully find all the rocket parts and launch the rocket, or, if your family dies/become unconscious. There are eight different endings the game, depending on the success, or failure, of your mission.

You’ll have 75 days to complete your mission before your shelter can no longer protect your family.

Sheltered Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Stasis also comes with a host of new changes. These are available in the Steam post. Which includes bug fixes and some solid changes.

In Sheltered: Stasis you must find a way to leave your hostile home planet behind you by building and launching a rocket. The scenario will be complete when you gather all the rocket parts and successfully launch, or, if your family perishes. There are eight different endings available for Sheltered: Stasis, depending on the success or failure of your mission.

New content launches on Steam:

So check out Sheltered: Stasis on Steam with that 75% discount for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which will be coming to GOG soon, no release date yet.

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