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Shen’s Last Gift DLC releases for XCOM 2 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC


XCOM 2 now has the #third DLC #expansion, Shen’s Last Gift, having just #launched this week.

The add-on follows that of Chief Enginee Lily Shen, who must infiltrate an ADVENT facility to retrieve her late father’s secret final project.

Players take on the roll of the brilliant tinkerer to retrieve a robot prototype. Successfully completing the mission unlocks robot units for your XCOM 2 squads, which is really impressive. A glimpse of them in action can be seen in the video above.

XCOM 2: Shen’s last Gift is available now on Steam. The standalone is $10 USD, but included in the Reinforcement Pack which is now on sale and comes with the last two Expansions.


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