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Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress Demo now works

shikon-x astro defense fortress space point and click linux games windows pc demo via proton

Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress space point and click game’s Windows PC Demo works on Linux via Proton. Thanks to the help and support of developer Kindermann Corp. Which is free to play on Steam.

Kindermann Corp. are happy to announce the point and click adventure game Demo for Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress. Having already taken part in the Steam Next Fest. A space point and click adventure game (without any actual pointing or clicking) full of puzzles and mini games.

Proton Support:

…we just updated the demo to v0. We reencoded the video to .webm using VP8, that should be 100% compatible with Proton/Steam Deck.

Thanks to the confirmation by Steam user ThreeSon, Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress is working on Steam Deck. And yes, Proton seems to be the main focus for the dev team. Even with Unity 3D being used for development. Can see the Discussion post for yourself, and even share some Tux Love too.
Also from a previous developer email reply, the dev’s are not very familiar with Linux, hence the lack of a native port.

Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress Trailer

Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress stars Daaia, a hotshot Federation pilot. One who is also the only one that can actually handle Shikon-X, the ship. A new kind of mecha which can transform into attack and defense modes for different missions.

While she’s fighting Earth’s biggest threat, the Rolars, she receives a mysterious transmission. One that also makes her question the war, the Federation, the Rolars and everything that she takes for granted. When she goes off course, she ends up running into extremely weird characters and situations. Including cowboy robots, space cultists, dangerous deathtrap planets, and many other strange things. On top of the adventure and action, Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress is full of humor and oddities.

Shikon-X streamlines the old point and click adventure game controls. Since they will work like an action game. Everything is controllable with a stick and one button. So it’s playable using keyboard and controllers without any compromises. While the player discovers along with Daaia that nothing is what it seems. Which you can also play on Steam for Free via Linux and Proton with the Windows PC build.

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