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Shing! new co-op beat em up coming Q1 2020

shing new co-op beat em up coming q1 2020 for linux mac windows pc

Shing! co-op beat em up is due to arrive on Linux, Mac and Windows PC in Q1 2020. Thanks to Polish studio Mass Creation. Which will be playable via Steam in 2020.

Shing! upcoming co-op beat em up. The studio also worked with Kate Niemczyk. One of the most talented and recognized Polish comic book artists. Likewise, Kate worked for Marvel [Mockingbird series, nominated for the Eisner Award]. And also Image, Dark Horse, Valiant Entertainment and Titan Comics. Most noteworthy, She was responsible for short comic book story set in Blizzard’s Overwatch.

Shing! 16 minutes of Demo Gameplay

In Shing! players take control of four Yokai hunters. Deadly warriors who will have to defend the realm. Due to a sudden onslaught of mythical beasts. While trying to recover the legendary Starseed. So they will have to trek through busy cities bathed in neon light. As well as ash-covered ruins of ancient civilizations. Noxious swamps of mist and many other exotic locations.


  • Play solo or with friends: 4 player local and online co-op
  • Experience immersive and intuitive controls: right analog stick controls your weapon. So that you will have instant access to extensive moves
  • Enjoy gameplay that never gets old: master the Shing! multilayered combat. While you overcome clever enemies and face epic bosses
  • Experiment with freestyle combat system: mix and match combos and switch characters on the fly. Also, turn enemy abilities against them

Band together in Shing! 4 player local and on-line co-op. While you become a kickass ninja. Slicing up some demons in style. Join a band of wisecracking warriors in a bloody adventure. As you progress through the land of mythical monsters and mysterious machines. Beat epic bosses and master the most exciting and immersive co-op beat em up combat system ever.

Shing! will be available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Coming to Steam in Q1 2020. As well as Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.