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Shing! receives an online co-op patch

shing! receives an online co-op patch for the game on linux mac windows pc

Shing! receives an online co-op patch for the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the ongoing efforts of developer Mass Creation. Available on both Steam and Humble Store.

Indie games studio Mass Creation announces the good news. Since their side scrolling arcade action game Shing! received a new online co-op patch. Which also now offers the online co-op feature. So that players can team up in their fight against Oni demons. This has been a long awaited feature. The couch co-op will give players the choice of playing either alongside friends, wherever they are.

The patch is already live, and owners of Shing! should be able to download it from Steam. This update is available for digital and physical versions of the game, including consoles.

Shing! Xbox Launch Trailer

Shing! delivers a classic beat’em up adventure true to what fans love about the genre. All while adding a few twists of its own. Pull off angled combos, counters, aerials, parries, and then some. Doing so in fast-paced, freestyle combat with a unique control system. All built around the right analog stick. Your party of wisecracking ninja warriors each has its own strengths. As a result, you can swap between them in an instant to chain attacks. Including being able to revive allies, or strategically bank power-ups. Getting ready for upcoming bosses or challenge Shing! rooms.


  • Play solo or with friends: 4 player local and online co-op
  • Experience deep and intuitive controls. Or simply use classic “button mashing” technique: right analog stick controls your weapon giving you instant access to Shing! extensive moveset. With the alternative controls, you aim with the right stick, and also mash buttons to perform attacks.
  • Enjoy gameplay that never gets old: master the multilayered combat. While you overcome clever enemies and face epic bosses
  • Experiment with freestyle combat system: mix and match combos, switch characters on the fly and turn enemy abilities against them

Shing! online co-op patch is available on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $19.99 USD/ 19.99 EUR]. While the GOG release would require Galaxay for online multiplayer. But does offer 4 player local co-op. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.