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ShinyLoot Hosts Black Friday Weekend Sale 100 Games for $1

Hot on the heels of their recent launch, up-and-coming online store, +ShinyLoot has announced that it has banded together with a host of #indie game #developers to celebrate Black Friday with the hottest sale in the history of the young store. One hundred titles will be discounted down to $1 – many of which are 90% off or more. Some of the largest sales include The Oil Blue , Children of the Nile , Aztaka , The Cat Lady , #CallofCthulhu : The Wasted Land , Creeper World , Bridge Construction Set and Hinterland . The sale starts Friday, November 29 and runs through ‘Cyber’ Monday, December 2, beginning and ending at midnight CST.

Games in the online store represent indie developers alongside small to medium sized publishers. Robust discovery tools allow users to search using nearly two hundred traits, which are essentially individual game features such as randomized levels, local co-op, deduction, and survival. Additionally, ShinyLoot blends together the best features of competitive game portals GOG, Steam, and Desura. The store offers DRM-free downloads, coupled with additional Steam or Desura keys at no cost on over a hundred titles within a library of almost five hundred games.

ShinyLoot’s discovery tools allow users to pinpoint their ideal game desired by combining 170 traits, ten genres, twenty settings, and detail filters such as Steam/Desura key, PC/Mac/Linux, multiplayer size, and/or price in a single search. Traits are presented in an easy-to-read fashion, allowing users to scan for traits most appealing to them. In turn, these traits help indie games get discovered based on their most discerning features, leading to further exposure and sales.

“Most online stores can only promote indie games through featured sales. We do that, too, of course – especially with our Black Friday sale. But our proprietary trait and filter system provides a whole new level of discovering both new and old indie titles,” says Chris Palmarozzi, co-founder of ShinyLoot. “It’s a crowded marketplace but, through superior service, refined search tools and a diverse selection, we know we can build a strong presence in the gaming community to the benefit of developers and gamers alike.”

About ShinyLoot

The ShinyLoot store fully opened to the public on August 26, 2013; and was founded as the solution to the growing number of high-quality, independently-developed games that fall under the radar. Based in Austin, Texas, the company is independently owned and operated. ShinyLoot uses a trait-based filter system with nearly two hundred options to search PC, Mac, and Linux games that help users get matched to games that best fit their interests. All games are offered worldwide without regional pricing, and with no obtrusive forms of DRM. Additionally, ShinyLoot offers Desura and Steam keys on over a hundred titles, in addition to the regular downloads and an optional download manager for ease of management.