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Shock Tactics a new singleplayer turn-based stategy in development for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Berlin-based indie development studio Point Blank Games is pleased to unveil its first project – Shock Tactics, a singleplayer turn-based sci-fi strategy #game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, with #tacticalcombat, exploration, squad #management and base building.

Shock Tactics is inspired by the space western style of Firefly and games like Jagged Alliance and XCOM. The game is set on an ancient alien homeworld, procedurally generated each time you start a new game. Shock Tactics will be released later this year on Steam will be available as a digital download.

As the commander of a Strike Team, fighting for the Space Pioneers, you are the trailblazer for the first wave of explorers on a harsh and ancient alien homeworld. Other powers are trying to uncover the secrets of the planet, the ruthless Mega-Cooperation “Consortium” has already sent their mercenary forces – future conflicts are inevitable.

Your first task is to establish a base of operations, gather resources and expand your base in order to research advanced weapons or healing facilities. Lead your strike team into intense and tactically demanding turn-based fights and choose from a large variety of different skills and tactics.

Order drone strikes or demand emergency reinforcements from an orbital dropship, use explosives, cloaking devices, or even short-range teleportation. Between combat, explore the procedurally generated planet, find alien artifacts and learn how to use them, unlock unique abilities for your fellow soldiers and expand your territory to gain control over the new world.



  • Challenging squad tactics combat: Lead your crew against smart enemies that employ a large array of tactics. Know your enemy, build a strategy, rule the battlefield.
  • Exploration is key: The world map is full of mysterious landmarks containing alien technologies and ancient secrets that you can unravel to become strong enough to tip the balance of fate.
  • Procedurally generated world map: You never know what you will find when exploring the world. This makes strategic decisions unique for each game session and leads to a high replayability.
  • Crew progression: Build a strong crew of fierce warriors capable of defeating everything the alien world throws at you.
  • Base building: Expand your base with structures to build advanced weapons, develop sophisticated healing capabilities and research alien technologies.
  • An immersive open world: You are the spearhead of the Space Pioneers on the Rim World. You have to make tough calls to secure the future of your people in the midst of an escalating war on this hostile planet.

Shock Tactics will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC in late 2016. No specific release date has been announced yet.

For further details check out the official website, follow development on Twitter and Facebook.


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