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Shogun Showdown unleashes epic battles

shogun showdown turn-based combat game is in early access on linux mac and windows pc

Shogun Showdown turn-based combat game is in Early Access on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Roboatino, the brilliant creator behind this adventure, brings a unique blend of creativity and innovation. Available now on Steam Early Access and GOG with 96% Very Positive reviews.

Shogun Showdown is a thrilling adventure that’s like a mix of chess, a card game, and a choose your own adventure story. It all takes in a world inspired by Japan, full of beautiful pixel art like an old-school video arcade, but on Linux.

In this adventure, you’re a warrior who has to make smart choices in battle. These battles are turn-based, so every move matters. You have to think carefully about when to strike and where to position yourself. It’s not just about attacking, but also about plotting and planning your moves.

You also have ‘attack tiles’. Think of them as special moves or powers that you can use in Shogun Showdown battles. You can make these tiles better, or ‘upgrade’ them, and even combine them for more powerful attacks. It’s like having a deck of cards, where each card has a unique power, and you’re trying to collect the best ones.

Shogun Showdown – Release Trailer

What’s unique about this adventure is that it’s a ‘roguelike’. So, even if your character doesn’t survive a battle, it’s not over. Instead, you start a new journey with the experience you’ve gained, and you can unlock new characters, attacks, and skills. So that every time you start over, you’re a little bit stronger and smarter.

Shogun Showdown is currently in ‘Early Access’ for roughly one year. So Roboatino is still adding new content. They’re also planning to add more characters, attack tiles, skills, enemies, bosses, and locations. There will also be more quests, higher levels of difficulty, and an extra game mode.


  • 3 playable characters
  • 28 attack tiles
  • 17 skills
  • 24 quests
  • 5 stamps per character with 2 ranks each
  • 4 ascension levels
  • 11 enemy types, 9 bosses
  • 9 combat locations
  • 4 shop types, 12 tile upgrades, 6 consumables

The Shogun Showdown adventure is inspired by some great titles, like “Into the Breach”, “Darkest Dungeon”, “Crypt of the Necrodancer”, and “Slay the Spire”. These are all releases that require strategy, planning, and a bit of luck, like Shogun Showdown.

So, if you’re into strategy, like a good adventure, and enjoy the thrill of a good battle, Shogun Showdown is turn-based combat you’ll definitely want to check out. It’s not just about winning or losing, but about learning, growing, and becoming a master warrior.

Available now on Steam and GOG. Priced at $8.99 USD / £8.99 / 8,99€ including the 10% discount. The turn-based combat has support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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