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Shoot m Up shooter releases in Early Access

shoot m up shooter releases in early access for linux windows pc

Shoot m Up tactical shooter releases in Early Access for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer DukeSoft. The games now available on Steam. Along with a launch week discount and day one support.

Shoot m Up is tactical multiplayer chaos. So the action is fast, messy, and challenging. That is if you blowing up zombies to bits with friends? While protecting your base from the enemy team?

Shoot m Up is a fast-paced tactical shooter. With a range of different game modes. The game features a customizable server and offline gameplay. Also a campaign mode, plus LAN and multiplayer strategy action. As well as custom maps (with a map editor), stunning graphics and impressive effects.
And as of now, you can try the Deathmatch, capture the flag, or team deathmatch mode. Shooting at each other or at bots using one of the 18 different weapons. Likewise, you can jump into co-op zombie survival mode. So you and friends can hold off as many zombies as possible.

Developer DukeSoft is also playing Shoot m Up. So this means frequent updates. While adding more content and features.
As a result, there will be at least 1 update every week. And you can also reach out on Discord. Sharing your feedback directly with the developer.

Shoot m Up | Trailer 2019

Current features

  • Campaign mode (New episodes will come with new updates, we’re aiming bi-monthly)
  • Co-op zombie survival mode, with destructables and buy upgrades
  • Map and asset editor – allowing you to make, play, and host your own maps.
  • Team deathmatch
  • Capture the flag
  • Multi-team deathmatch
  • Dedicated Shoot m Up servers
  • A big arsenal of weaponry

Planned features

  • Many more different zombies in zombie survival mode
  • More challenges, puzzles and less linear adventure in campaign mode
  • More game modes for Shoot m Up. Such as Bomb defusing, team base defender, king of the hill
  • Far more weaponry such as C4, landmines, deployable turrets and airstrikes. Also killstreaks and nasty melee weapons)
  • Humiliating finishing moves
  • Extended zombie survival mode (different waves / deployables / weapons / locations to go to / vehicles)
  • Mac support
  • Better performance on old hardware

Shoot m Up tactical shooter and multiplayer release. Now live in Early Access. Priced at $8.99, including a 10% discount until September 13th. Available on Linux and Windows PC.

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