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Shortest Trip to Earth roguelike simulator port

shortest trip to earth roguelike simulator linux port in windows games

Shortest Trip to Earth roguelike strategy simulator in Early Access for Windows, but Linux is coming. According to developer Interactive Fate. We have good news for Linux. The games also gaining traction on Steam and Humble Store. Since gameplay is comparable to FTL.

Shortest Trip to Earth is the award winning roguelike spaceship simulator. Developer Interactive Fate released the game on Early Access back in October 2018. And so far the reviews are looking decent. While sitting at a Mostly Positive at 72% on Steam.

In Shortest Trip to Earth players take on a crazy journey. While working through a procedurally generated universe. Exploring massive space sectors. All crawling with exotic lifeforms.
At launch, gamers will be able to travel through an initial five sectors. Which is also in development during Early Access.

Shortest Trip to Earth Early Access Trailer (Windows, then Linux)

Linux Port:

“We plan to release some kind of Linux demo. A limited edition or “semiofficial” Linux version. Around the game launch this summer. Or shortly after that.”

So there you have it. No specific release date. BUT, the games also playable via Proton. Running at a Platform level too.

Shortest Trip to Earth also has a new’ish update. Sort of, since it released on March 15th. And it is massive.

Players diving into the roguelike simulator. You will like the huge range of new content. Since there are bit UI/UX improvements. More bug and balance fixes. Powered by community feedback. Thanks to the Steam Early Access program.

The update introduces:

  • A new ship, the Pumpkin Hammer!
  • The option to (spiritually or otherwise) salute lost crew members. Ponder meaning of life (or enjoy sensual hedonism) while you’re at it
  • Many new narrative paths and a new (minor) game ending to be encountered
  • New game mechanics for Shortest Trip to Earth. Gardens, shields and overloaded modules
  • Many new ship weapons and modules. Including an array of EMP guns
  • Many new single shot Nukes in Shortest Trip to Earth. Since this brings the total number to 21+
  • A new epic boss fight, awaiting players in Sector 4

Shortest Trip to Earth was previewed at Gamescom 2018. While receiving critical acclaim. Earning spots in PCGamer’s The 8 best games of Gamescom 2018. Wccftech’s Best of Gamescom Awards – 2018 Edition.

Shortest Trip to Earth roguelike simulator is on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $19.99 USD for Windows. But playable on Linux via Steam Play.

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