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Shovel Knight Kickstarter Surpasses Goal – Linux Gaming

The Kickstarter campaign for Shovel Knight ended, earning more than $311,000.

Shovel Knight’s Kickstarter not only reached the minimum financial goal of $75,000 needed to make the game, but also surpassed the highest stretch goal of $300,000.

With funds now procured, the game will enter its development cycle. It is planned for a release on the PC, Linux, Mac, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The game is expected to release in September.

Made by Yacht Club Games, a development studio founded by former members ofWayForward Technologies, Shovel Knight is a platform adventure designed to look, play and sound like an 8-bit platformer in the style of classics from yesteryear. The developer said games such as Castlevania and Mega Man served as inspiration.

Players take control of the titular hero Shovel Knight as he faces off against an evil enchantress and the Order of No Quarter, a cadre of evil knights pledging to protect her. Together they have taken over the knight’s kingdom and kidnapped the knight’s lover. Its up to players to recover both from their clutches. Armed only with a ShovelBlade and a giant determination, the knight must jump, strike and dig his way to reclaiming both from the evil organization and their army of evil underlings.

Shovel Knight will include challenge rooms found in the main game. A gender swap mode will allow players to switch the gender of their hero with the story changing accordingly. Gamers can also play the story mode as one of three of the boss characters encountered during the game. The three boss playable bosses will be decided by fans in a poll held by the developers.

Additionally, the game will include achievements, a music player and the ability to replay a more challenging version of the game with all weapons and items fully upgraded once the campaign has been beaten.

Besides a single player mode, a four-player multiplayer battle mode will allow players to combat one another. The mode will also feature all playable versions of bosses belonging to the Order of No Quarter and their leader, the Enchantress.

Backers of the project will be receiving their appropriate rewards based upon how much they pledged to the project and the benefit tiers they selected.

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