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Shovel Knight’s also playable on Linux and Mac

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Shovel Knight has dug a tunnel to the Mac and Linux platforms, lined with Kickstarter money, in a tortured metaphor for which we apologize. The point is that Shovel Knight’s fundraiser has passed the stretch goal required to ensure ports to those two platforms.

Continued Kickstarter contributions have also surpassed the stretch goal for a playable Boss Knight. “We are really excited about this one because it opens up so many gameplay possibilities,” developer Yacht Club Games said. “With this NEW character, you can expect different mobility, play style, and a slightly altered story.” The character will be chosen from the “Order of No Quarter” group by a fan vote.

From their most recent update:

We’ve jumped 20k in the last 2 days and hit 2 stretch goals, and we’re gaining steam! Not only that, we’ve been receiving a ton of awesome fan art for our Official Shovel Knight Fan Art Contest ( submit now! ). This week is our last, so we’re jam packing it with goodies. So from now on, expect a little schedule at the top of each update so you can easily stick with us! Here’s the first:

Reddit AMA – Tuesday at 1PM EST/10AM PST –

Destructoid Demo Twitch Hosted by Foom – Tuesday at 4PM EST/1PM PST –

Art Contest Deadline – Thursday, April 11th at 8PM EST/5PM PST – email yours to [email protected]

Playable Boss Knight Unlocked!

It must be getting hot in that armor, because Shovel Knight is burning through these stretch goals like nobody’s business. Now we’re going to have a playable boss knight! We are really excited about this one because it opens up so many gameplay possibilities. With this NEW character, you can expect different mobility, play style, and a slightly altered story. When the time comes, we’ll put the whole Order of No Quarter up to a vote and let the community decide, but we don’t have specifics yet!

Linux and Mac Version Unlocked!

Hipsters and neckbeards everywhere rejoice- you no longer have a weirdo computer! Linux and Mac will both be receiving Shovel Knight on their wonderful operating systems. And we won’t be delivering some tragic, buggy port where the sound doesn’t work. This will come with all the goodies, and we’ll do the best integration onto your platform we possibly can!

Super Best Friends Play – SHOVEL KNIGHT

So the most incredible thing just happened – Two Best Friends Play! on YouTube just did the most hilarious playthrough of our PAX demo:

We LOVE these guys. The video gets better and better as you watch…we were rolling on the floor by the end of it. Show these amazing guys your support, and check out the video and subscribe to their channel!

Check out this rad art Erin made to show our support:


Introducing… Mole Knight! 


The shovel may rule the confines of man-made gardens, but in the wild, the titan of tunneling is the mole! Mole Knight embraces this truth wholeheartedly. With his modified drop-forged armored claws, he mockingly tears through the earth with brute strength! Mole Knight calls the subterranean Lost City his home… an ancient abandoned metropolis. Shovel Knight must pass through the Lost City, but chances are slim he won’t be challenged to see who is truly the master of digging.

Follow this link to pledge for Shovel Knights on Kickstarter

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