Show support for TASTEE: Lethal Tactics simultaneous turn-based game coming to Steam on May 10th


TASTEE: Lethal Tactics is a #simultaneous, turnbased #tactics #game. Command your mercenaries with precision and anticipate your opponents’ movements to take them down in ruthless, close-quarters gunfights throughout a 30-mission campaign and online multiplayer matches.

From SkyBox Labs (Age of Empires II HD expansions), TASTEE: Lethal Tactics launches May 10th for PC and being that the game is developed using Unity, so chances are a #Linux and Mac release should follow. Show your support on the Steam Discussion.

If you enjoyed Frozen Synapse, the tactical precision of Door Kickers, or need something more in-depth than XCOM, you’ll want to take note of TASTEE: Lethal Tactics.

With simultaneous tactics, both sides command their units and then watch the results of that turn unfold at once. It’s not enough to react to your opponents. You have to anticipate, adapt, and always be thinking a few steps ahead.

12 mercenaries, each with a unique special ability and weapon of choice, give you the flexibility to devise your own personal strategies, while randomized elements in 10 maps work to keep every match feeling fresh.

Recruit a team of volatile mercs and execute dramatic gunfights on a mission to take down the Cartel. Out-think, outmaneuver, and eliminate enemies in a fresh take on simultaneous turn-based tactics. Precision planning meets epic action.

  • Simultaneous Tactics
  • 12 Unique Mercenaries
  • 30 Single-Player Missions
  • 10 Multiplayer Maps
  • Randomized Environments
  • Optional Asynchronous Online Play

A finalist in the MomoCon Indie Game Award Showcase, TASTEE: Lethal Tactics comes to PC (Windows) on May 10th. Show your support on the Steam Discussion and lets get SkyBox Labs to release a Linux and Mac port for the Unity title.


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