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Shroud of the Avatar coming to Early Access next month

Shroud of the Avatar, Portalarium’s spiritual successor to #UltimaOnline, is almost ready for Steam for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


Shroud of the Avatar executive producer Starr Long told backers in a Kickstarter update that #Steam Early Access launch is scheduled for November 24.

“We were nervous at first about moving to Steam, but are feeling great now based on the overwhelmingly positive and speedy results of our Steam Greenlight campaign, and the incredible support Steam has been giving us,” they wrote.

“With that said, we need this launch to be super smooth.”

Portalarium is asking backers to play the latest release through Steam if they can, in order to help test and troubleshoot it before the Early Access launch.

More information on participating in testing is available through the link above.

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