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Shroud of the Avatar is Free to Play on Steam

shroud of the avatar is free to play on steam for linux mac windows

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues fantasy role-playing is free to play on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also the work of Richard Garriott’s Austin, Texas-based game development studio, Portalarium. Working in collaboration with international partners Travian Games and Black Sun Game Publishing.

Shroud of the Avatar is the spiritual successor to Garriott’s wildly successful Ultima and Ultima Online games. Which combines a persistent online world with a deep story and rich role-playing character development.

As an online fantasy multiplayer RPG, Shroud of the Avatar blends together key features. Those that also made the Ultima-series popular, including wide-reaching freedom to explore a living. A breathing fantasy world full of a player-driven crafting and economic system. While coming with the ability to create a classless avatar. Allowing for distinct play styles and uniquely specialised builds.

This also includes an engaging storyline. Written in collaboration with celebrated fantasy author Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance). So players can confront ethical choices based on Virtues and Principles. And a unique shared online experience where players can opt to play solo or with friends. Players can also complete the story and explore the world offline. Doing so in a stand-alone single-player mode that does not require internet access.

Shroud of the Avatar launch trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So even though the game offers up all these choices and options for play. The title does not seem to have a huge audience. And Steam reviews are not the best, despite a full release back in March. Trying to gain more than 300 users or more on Steam. This is also the most highly detailed version of the games available.
Therefore releasing the games as free to play game due to that commercial failure. This will likely keep it going for a while. And players can trade freely with anyone, play through the whole story, and own land in the game. The payment system is removed as well.

Shroud of the Avatar’s crowdfunding campaign is one of the most successful ever for a video game. Since early 2013, Portalarium has raised more than $13 million in order to fund the game’s development. After releasing into Early Access in 2014,Shroud of the Avatar has been updated for backers every month. Right up to this official launch.

While Shroud of the Avatar is free to play now, it’s easier than ever to try it out for yourself. Since the games playable on Linux, Mac and Windows. Some reviews seem to find that the games broken. While others enjoy the unique manner of character progression which is more reasonable than other RPG’s.

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