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Sigma Theory future spy simulation releases

sigma theory future spy simulation releases in linux mac windows pc games

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War the spy simulation releases in Linux, Mac and Windows games. French independent developer Mi-Clos Studio is now live on Early Access. But the games also available on GOG and Humble Store. Which also includes a launch discount.

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War is a new near future spy simulation game. Which now releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. While gameplay allows players to set up their own intelligence agency. Also recruit elite spies. And bribe, seduce and assassinate their way to world domination.

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In the turn based single player Sigma Theory. The works is in a new global cold war. Since the discovery of a ground breaking scientific discovery. One that will also greatly change humanity’s destiny.
So players take charge of their own agency. While staffing their best, brightest and most ruthless. Doing so in order to get their chosen nation ahead. Facing of in a deadly conflict. One that is that takes place in the shadows.
Taking big inspirations from real life events. Changing by the hands-on intelligence experience of the developers. Who are the creators of the award-winning Out There. Sigma Theory allows for a fascinating glimpse into a near future. Which is also closer to reality than many may think.

Not only the elite agents. But cutting edge tech also play an important role in Sigma Theory. While ranging from drone fleets to hacking. So players will have to use all the tools available. Eliminating hostile agents and to protect their own.
Send your spies on a variety of missions across the globe.
A mix of tactical and strategic turn based gameplay. Sigma Theory is a dynamic story. Which also changes depending on the player’s choices. Allowing for multiple distinct endings.

Sigma Theory are available now on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Priced at $16.19 USD including a 10% discount. But the discount is only until April 25th.

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