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Sigma Theory gets a full release version 1.0

sigma theory global cold war gets a full release version 1.0 for linux mac windows pc

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War gets a full release version 1.0 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to French independent developer Mi-Clos Studio. Available now via Humble Store, Steam and GOG.

So as the near future spy simulation Sigma Theory: Global Cold War reaches 1.0. The launch is now live for Linux, Mac and Windows PC today. Originally releasing in Early Access in April 2019. Sigma Theory allows players to set up their own intelligence agency. As a result, you will recruit elite spies, and bribe. As well as seduce and assassinate their way to world domination.

After 6 months of a lively Early Access. The game is now a fully featured turn based strategy game. There are also several game modes. Such as Classic, Custom and the first episode of the Story Mode. So as the player you can recruit your spy team. This ranges from a cast of more than 60 unique and diverse characters. Sigma Theory: Global Cold War’s balance has been fine tuned. As a result of the community’s help to offer the best experience. From the in-situation spy exfiltration to the world-wide world dominations strategy. Sigma Theory is the complete, exciting spy adventure. Which is also inspired from the spy culture of classic books.

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War – 1.0 Launch Trailer

Since you can expect more than the elite agents. This also comes with cutting edge technology. Playing an important role in Sigma Theory. From drone fleets to hacking. Players will have to use all the tools at their disposal. Then eliminate hostile agents and to protect their own.
Players will send their spies on a variety of missions across the globe. So expect to gather intel and cooperate with armed groups. While you engage in high level diplomacy and steal crucial tech. Similarly you will recruit new scientists. Or simply extract them by force if they refuse to go willing.
Sigma Theory is mix of tactical and strategic turn based gameplay. Plus dynamic story will change depending on your choices. Allowing for multiple very distinct endings.

Heavily influenced by the creators’ real-life experience in the intelligence industry. Sigma Theory now has a full release, version 1.0 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Available on Humble Store, Steam and GOG.

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