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AppMobi open sources its dev tools to speed up HTML5 adoption

In a Black Friday promotion for mobile app developers, tool maker appMobi has given access to the open source code for its development tools – notably for HTML5 development on iOS and Android.

“AppMobi believes that no one company should have control over what anyone can say or do on a mobile handset or tablet, and that soon the mobile web, will be THE web,” said Sam Abadir, appMobi founder and CTO, rather grandly.

“Opening up these technologies to developers not only makes the mobile Web as limitless as the imagination; it will also power the HTML5 revolution.”

Give and receive

Features included in the open source handout include Augmented Reality tools, IAP authentication and encryption tools and bar code/QR code scanner tools.

The Box2D physics engine is included, as is DirectCanvas, which aids in graphic rendering for 2D games.

The source code also includes JavaScript Bridge APIs, which provides support for accelerometers, analytics, cache, device information, canvas, camera, display, notification, media player, authentication and encryption, geolocation and file transfer.

Roll up

“AppMobi is an advocate for the open Web. By shifting from native apps to web-based apps the transfer of power is moving from corporations to developers,” added Abadir.

“Offering open sourced APIs will promote the migration of app development to HTML5 and has the potential to improve the overall mobile web experience through faster downloads, better offline usage and enhanced mobile gaming experiences.”

If you access to the code, or you’d like more information on the features included, then head on over to the appMobi website.

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