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The Signal From Tölva releases Linux support

the signal from tölva fps releases linux support beside windows games for 2017

The Signal From Tölva released on Early Access in early April, 2017. Since then the games only been available for Mac and Windows. Yet now developer Big Robot officially releases Linux support. Which is impressive to see for an Early Access game. Which I know not many people appreciate. But having played a few planetary survival and exploration games. Native support and a 50% discount on Steam is a big motivator to play another.

“The Linux version of The Signal From Tölva is now live! So that’s a good thing. As ever, please report any issues you uncover and we’ll try to obliterate them in a future update.”

Since the games set in the distant future. Where star-faring robotic factions sift through the ruins of an ancient civilization. On the highlands of Tölva, while beneath the shadow of abandoned war machines. They found something.

So, is this the source of the signal you were so interested in? And will the trail lead to enlightenment. Something more sinister yet? So you hijack a drone and begin the search for yourself.

The Signal From Tölva is a journey into a wild science fiction landscape. Which is also filled with danger and beauty. So you must survive terrible hazards and navigate through impossible spaces. Fight an ongoing battle to control this haunting yet blighted world. Players will make use of a range of powerful tools. While working to overcome enemies and uncover secrets. Hack robots to battle alongside you, equip powerful weapons, and detonate savage defence systems.

The Signal From Tölva Launch Trailer

The Signal From Tölva Features

  • Explore a single-player shooter set in a weird, sprawling, tranquil alien landscape.
  • Fight a war of territory control against dynamic and ferocious AI.
  • Recruit allied robots to fight alongside you.
  • Equip electronic countermeasures, plasma shields, and savage beam weapons for intense skirmishing.
  • Unlock the secrets of the signal and enjoy the rich, complex fiction behind the Tölva universe with our free PDF lorebook.
  • Delve into science fiction mystery as you investigate the haunting highlands of Tölva.

The Signal From Tölva releases on Steam with a 50% discount until November 28th, 2017. Which also supports Linux, Mac and Windows. While GOG and Humble Store are also available, but no sale price.

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