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Silent Thunder releases with native support

silent thunder releases with linux support in games

Silent Thunder releases releases free to play with support for Linux, Mac and Windows. Hence the debut from Gaijin Entertainment. Creators of the popular vehicular combat MMO War Thunder. Which we all know is available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

So now, a new tactical submarine combat game is in development, Silent Thunder. Which also clashes between three of the major military powers of the 21st century. Where players face off against each other in combat on the world’s most powerful nuclear submarines.
To get a first glimpse of the unique thrill of a three-dimensional, underwater battlefield, realistic submarine physics. Along with the destructive power of atomic weapons. Players are invited to join the game’s open test this weekend.

Linux Support and Download:

Therefore, Battles start now on April 1st from 00:01 am Kamchatka time (UTC +12) to 11:59 pm Hawaiian time (UTC -11). For technical reasons, the game will be accessible through the client of War Thunder. Which can be downloaded here.

So in the test version of the game, players will be able to try modern nuclear submarines. Experiencing the three major military powers United States, Great Britain and Russia. Each vessel is armed with a unique selection of torpedoes and missiles. Among the powerful armament of the Russian Yasen-class. For example, are the destructive 3M-14K ‘Kalibr’ anti-ship and land-attack cruise missiles. Popular due to their presence in recent conflicts. The British Vanguard-class excels in its guided anti-submarine torpedo armament. Which may have a limit to 4 in total. With a weight of 2 tons each boasts impressive anti-submarine power. The American Virginia-class may have less potent torpedoes on offer. But more than makes up for it with nuclear warheads. Each with a yield of 200 kilotons, fitted on dozens of the famous Tomahawk missiles.

Silent Thunder Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Silent Thunder aims for a completely new vehicular combat experience. Well down below in the darkest depths of the world’s oceans. Players can navigate and detect enemies using sonar and other detection devices. While trying to stay hidden from the ever watchful eyes of their enemies. The slightest noise can reveal their own location. So players need to be careful when activating their active sonar. Also firing a torpedo, even scraping their outer hull against a rock or iceberg can give the game away. This is a game for true naval tacticians!

The main weapon in submarine-to-submarine combat are lethal wire-guided torpedoes. Underwater predators that you control from launch until the very moment of impact. But as players chase enemy submarines with their torpedoes. They should not forget that when a torpedo releases it can reveal their own submarine’s position. Since this makes it vulnerable to attack. Captains will have to keep their cool and simultaneously follow their instruments. Working to spot any potential harm coming their way. Recognizing an incoming threat is vital for survival. Since this could just give enough time to dodge. Hide behind a rock or an iceberg. Or knock it off-course with anti-torpedo traps.

silent thunder linux screenshot in games

Since the games mechanics are fairly simple and straight forward. You’ll want to play, since the game runs quite well on Linux.

Gaijin releases the Test Weekend:

Break the silence of the deep Arctic Ocean with the thunder of exploding torpedoes. Also nuclear reactors in the new tactical submarine game Silent Thunder. Available in open testing this weekend with support for Linux, Mac and Windows. More information about the submarines, their weapons and combat tactics is available here.

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