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Silmaris: Dice Kingdom management releases now

silmaris: dice kingdom fantasy management releases now for linux mac and windows pc

Silmaris: Dice Kingdom fantasy management releases now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Pyrogen. Which is now available on Steam with a launch week discount.

How would you rule a fantasy kingdom? Diplomacy, trade, war, exploration and a good deal of plotting. Also, some backstabbing will be needed to prevail. So you can thwart the plans of your rivals.

In Silmaris: Dice Kingdom you will take the helm of the fallen city of Thylla. So you work to restore the lost power of your kingdom. While you overthrow enemy kings with your intrigue dice. But be sure to select and use your advisers wisely. So you can collect war dice and take on enemy cities. Then either wage war or form alliances. All while you develop, trade and explore the world. Maybe spy on your enemies and conspire to overthrow the other rulers!

Silmaris: Dice Kingdom – Steam Release Trailer

Each new Silmaris: Dice Kingdom game features a different story. Chalked with twists and turns. React to events and make the right decisions when fate thwarts your reign. All while you prepare to face the greatest threat the world has ever known.


  • A dark and merciless universe. So expect to lose your crown in any way possible. But always for good reason!
  • Dozens of immersive stories and unexpected twists
  • Silmaris: Dice Kingdom lets you choose your style. Will you rule with an iron fist, or with peaceful diplomacy? Will you be bold or cunning?
  • Recruit advisors, develop their skills, and send them on missions around the valley
  • Resist your enemies. Since you can besiege their cities and make them your vassals
  • Establish trade routes and smuggling rings
  • Plot to overthrow opposing monarchs
  • Use diplomacy in Silmaris: Dice Kingdom to lead a great alliance
  • Explore the world while you search for hidden treasure and forgotten artifacts
  • Manage your action dice and use your Fate points with care

Silmaris: Dice Kingdom management gets a release via Steam. Launching with a 15% discount until December 10th. Dropping the price of the fantasy management game to $10.19 USD. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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