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Simpocalypse civilization simulator coming soon

simpocalypse civilization simulator coming soon to early access in linux gaming and windows pc

Simpocalypse civilization simulator coming soon to Early Access in Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Gamex Studio, an indiet game studio from Slovenia. Due to release the game soon via Steam.

Simpocalypse will be going into Early Access on Steam, December 15th, 2020. Likewise, Linux players will be able to take on the post apocalyptic civ sim. So you can learn to manage and lead a village into a global empire.

A player is thrown into the world after a nuclear war. So now everyone needs to act fast to survive. There is no tech growth around. Therefore you only have basic resources that remain in the wasteland. And even those have a limit around the shelters. These limits also put the Simpocalypse player in a constant need to expand. Exploring close areas to find extra resources. Doing what it takes to keep their civilization alive. But, wait – those areas are controlled by other post apocalyptic groups. They are just like you, trying to ensure their survival. And they won’t let you take their resources without a battle. And as a result, a battle for control over that area.

Simpocalypse – Alpha Trailer

Simpocalypse also aims to become the first pick in terms of sim games. Mainly for those who love to dive deep into gameplay. Including a mix of management, strategy, tycoon, and access features.

Gamex Studio decided to go into the Early Access first. Since Simpocalypse has a lot of depth with various mechanics. And balance is crucial to offering a great gaming experience. With Early Access, the dev’s want to ensure they have enough time to work with players. So they can properly balance and adjust features. As well as make sure new players can learn the depth. But rather ease them into the game’s sim experience. Early Access will also offer the option to expand the game features. And make sure they are building off of a great base.

Even though Simpocalypse already has more than 100 hours of playtime. Gamex Studio plans to add tons of unique Achievements. This means different game modes and improving replayability. Extend late game content, add more ease and quality of life features. Rounding that off by translating the game into as many languages.

Simpocalypse civilization simulator is coming soon to Early Access on December 15th. Due to arrive in both Linux gaming and on Windows PC via Steam. So be sure to Wishlist the game now.

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