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SimPocalypse delivers the Nuclear Update

simpocalypse delivers the nuclear update which is the biggest yet for linux gaming and windows pc

SimPocalypse delivers the Nuclear Update which is the biggest yet for Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing work of developer and publisher Gamex studio. While continuing to go strong via Steam Early Access.

SimPocalypse now delivers the biggest update yet. This is Nuclear update v0.8, while still moving forward in Early Access. This update marks a much higher quality standard for the game. Letting the studio focus more on content updates in the future.

SimPocalypse is a post apocalyptic civilization simulator. As a player, you will manage and lead your outpost to become a global leader.

The Nuclear Update v0.8 revamps the whole UI and Design of the game. Giving players a much more modern and sleek encounter. While resolving problems the game has teaching players about its deep mechanics. They’ve resolved tons of bugs, display issues, as well as adding several new quality of life changes. And also, various SimPocalypse settings to customize player gameplay.

Players can now have a brand new and improved playing style. Offering a whole new graphical overhaul of the game. Check out the trailer below to get a better idea.

SimPocalypse – Nuclear Update v0.8

The growth of SimPocalypse is in full progress during the Early Access period. After the release of the massive Nuclear Update, the developers will continue to work towards their next goals.

Gamex studio is now working on some interesting updates before the full release. Even though the indie game development studio is of smaller size, they are working hard. And are due to bring more content, improvements, and ideas to life. Working closely with their players, running private and open testings. Working to be able to deliver the best possible updates.

Directors of Gamex studio, Rok Jesenicnik & Andraž Vene, said:

“We’ve finally come to the state of the game where we are way more confident with the game version. And still search for more improvements, extra content on basically every aspect of the game. Our main mission with SimPocalypse is to offer the best possible playing experience to all. Incremental, managerial, 4x, strategy, and tycoon fans.

The game was first built primarily for the idle moderate genre. But during the development, we managed to add some interesting features for other genre lovers as well. Our next mission, before SimPocalypse leave Early Access is to polish it further. While adding some engaging Challenges for players to overcome. Then adding various Game Difficulties, applying Steam Achievements, finishing the Mac version, and lots more. Busy days / weeks ahead of us, but we are thrilled to work on improvements of the game’s quality further.”

Features and Goals to master:

  • Survive the post apocalyptic times
    Build strong basics for your group to survive
  • Rebuild the pillars of modern society
    Regaining a modern social, economic and military form is key. So you can start thriving instead of just surviving
  • Manage your citizens to create a powerful creation
    Survive different events through time and grow the empire. Despite any challenges and threats it faces.
  • Choose your path with a huge research tree. Then advance your people to new heights
    Will you succeed in global growth or make your society extinct?
  • Trade the Global Market to your advantage
    Shape and trade in the market to become a global tycoon
  • Dominate and Control the Post apocalyptic World!
    Will you choose military pressure and use your wealth? Maybe a more tactful route to world control?

SimPocalypse players rebuild society and re-conquer the world. Available with support in Linux gaming and Windows PC. Steam Early Access is still going strong, priced at only $9.99 USD.

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