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Simpocalypse new civilization simulator epic release

simpocalypse new civilization simulator gets an epic release in linux and windows pc with mac to come

Simpocalypse new civilization simulator gets an epic release for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Gamex studio. Which is live on Steam Early Access with a discount.

Simpocalypse releases the post apocalyptic civilization simulator. Which is available for Linux and Windows PC first. With a Mac build coming in the following days. Plus the developers are working on a few bigger things due to come soon.

Now you can get out of your shelter after surviving a nuclear war. Since you are also one of the lucky survivors. Therefore it’s now up to you to find food, water, and other crucial resources. Helping you survive the world after war tears everything apart. Not only that, but other survivors are counting on you. Both for the management and leadership skills to help them survive.
As a result, you are their leader, now managing nearby survivors. So they can explore and search for resources. All in order for the whole colony to survive these post apocalyptic times. You are in charge of it all. Working towards a strong self sufficient colony.

Simpocalypse – Official EA Trailer

There are strong moral choices on your shoulders. Since you play a crucial part of the game. If you fail to assign survivors to work different jobs, you won’t ensure enough resources are available. As a result, your colony will come to an end. But, no one wants that, right?

Leave your seal in Simpocalypse by showing off your leadership skills. This means you have to complete various challenges. As well as help your colony develop into a global empire.

Key Features & Challenges/ Goals to master:

  • Survive the post-apocalyptic times
    (Establish strong basics for your colony to survive)
  • Rebuild the pillars of modern civilization
    (Recovery of a modern social, economic and military structure. Which is vital to start profiting instead of just surviving)
  • Manage your citizens to create a powerful establishment
    (survive different Simpocalypse events through time and grow your empire. While you take on any challenges and threats it faces.)
  • Choose your path with a massive research tree. So you can advance your colony to new heights
    (Will you succeed in global expansion? Or turn your colony to defeat?)
  • Trade the Global Market to your advantage
    (Shape and trade the market to become a global tycoon)
  • Dominate & Control the Post-apocalyptic World!
    (Will you choose military pressure and use your wealth. Maybe use a more diplomatic route to world control?)

Simpocalypse new civilization simulator gets an epic release on Steam Early Access. Which also comes with a 15% discount until December 22nd. As a result, this drops the price to $3.39 USD. Offering support for Linux and Windows PC. But a Mac build is also on the way.

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