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SimPocalypse now challenges players to master it

simpocalypse now challenges players to master it via linux gaming and windows pc

SimPocalypse now challenges players to master it via Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Gamex studio. Which continue to receive Positive reviews on Steam Early Access.

Now SimPocalypse is a month into Early Access on Steam. Developer Gamex Studio is releasing additional updates to the game like crazy. And will do so for the next two to six months. Working to create a more unique managerial strategy civilization simulator. Taking place in a post apocalyptic setting. And now, the studio now challenges players to master it.

What is the crucial challenge to overcome in SimPocalypse?

Player decisions and managerial, leadership skills matter. Well at least in SimPocalypse. Since the world is torn apart by a nuclear war, leaving almost no survivors. A lucky few survivors managed to stay alive. Still trying to find food, water, and other basic supplies.
The player takes on the role of leader for a small group of survivors. Who also tend to stick around the shelters. As a result, the group now counts on the player’s skills to overcome the famine. Leading the group back into a thriving world. One also full of new progress that can benefit the group into a civilization. All while building a strong army to expand the reach of the settlement. Fighting other groups for extra limited resources and world control.

What is still coming in Early Access?

Directors of Gamex Studio, said:
“While we are a small team, we have big plans for SimPocalypse. Giving our all to make it the best game we possibly can. We are focusing on expanding the length of the game. While trying to keep it fun and interesting to play at various stages. Improving the UI/UX and work on a complete graphical overhaul. Still, in Early Access, this is also one of our big tasks planned in the following months.”

Gamex studio recently released a public RoadMap for players. So you can keep track of the game’s development updates. And follow other bigger updates coming out. These will be coming in the next few weeks and months. SimPocalypse is currently available to play in Linux gaming and on Windows PC. But the studio plans to prepare a build for Mac as well.

Simpocalypse – Early Access – Out now

The next updates coming out are coming in a few bigger group patches. The first one called ‘Combat Rework’ will be updating the graphics. Including the addition of new battleground elements. While improving the UI/UX on this part of the game. The next planned update is ‘Nuclear’. Which will probably make the biggest difference in players’ eyes. Since the whole UI/UX will be updated, with a complete graphics overhaul. They also intend to add Steam achievements. As well as introducing more Quality of Life and Automation features. While reworking the player onboard process.

Early Access:

Still, not everything that they plan to develop will be in Early Access. As the developers tend to work on the ambiance music and extra sound effects. Adding a new core “currency” to SimPocalypse. These ‘Civilization points’ will make the game extra interesting. Adding in various challenges and game difficulty settings.
And the last thing coming will be Mobile adjustments. So that Gamex studio can offer the game on Mobile. Which is coming sometime in the future.

Features & Goals to master:

  • Survive the post apocalyptic times
    (Establish strong basics for your settlement to survive)
  • Rebuild the pillars of modern civilization
    (Recovery of a modern social, economic and military structure. Which is crucial to start thriving instead of just surviving)
  • Manage your citizens to create a powerful foundation
    (survive different events through time and grow the empire. Despite any challenges and threats it faces.)
  • Choose your path with a massive SimPocalypse research tree. Then Advance your civilization to new heights
    (Will you succeed in global control or make your civilization extinct?)
  • Trade the Global Market to your advantage
    (Shape and trade the market to become a global tycoon)
  • Dominate & Control the Post apocalyptic World!
    (Will you choose military pressure or use your wealth. Maybe a more diplomatic route to world control?)

The developers are using Early Access to further polish the game. Since the gameplay has many deep mechanics. As a result, the progress of the game can be adjusted to various play types. Not only that, like already mentioned, they will be adding additional updates. Making gameplay as fun as possible and easy to pick up. Still, difficult to master. Also, be sure to join the games Discord.

SimPocalypse was released in Early Access on Steam, on December 15th. But now challenges players to master it via Linux gaming as well as Windows PC. Gamex studio started the Early Access at a much lower price. But intend to raise the price when it’s fully finished. Available now for only $4.99 USD.

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