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SimPocalypse rebuild civilization in the full release

simpocalypse lets you rebuild civilization in the full release via linux gaming and windows pc

SimPocalypse lets you rebuild civilization in the full release via Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Gamex Games. The launch is available now on Steam with a week long discount.

It is time to roll up your sleeves and use your managerial skills. Originally featured on the Steam Autumn Festival with its very first Demo back then. Later on, released into Early Access on December 15th, 2020. Letting players rebuild civilization. Now SimPocalypse is out of Early Access on Steam via Linux gaming and Windows PC. Having you work to survive these post apocalyptic times.

Of course, we’ve all probably wondered how we would fare in a post apocalyptic world. Having to explore the baren lands, searching for resources, and trying to survive. Then help lead fellow survivors towards a more thriving world. This urge to rebuild and re-conquer a desolate world is what SimPocalypse does. Trying to instill at the core of its experience in the full release.

Rebuild civilization

Unlike most other city builders and post apocalyptic games. SimPocalypse focuses more on the broad macro management of rebuilding civilization. The game starts with you managing a small group of survivors. While thinking of how to best organise them to gather resources. Then rebuild the basics to keep your people alive. Once you manage to live through the early stages. Then you will quickly become a refuge to other survivors. Also a beacon of hope to rebuild the modern pillars of society as we know it.

An apocalyptic event is ought to teach people humility. While learning to coexist and prosper towards building a common, better world, right?
Not really. You will find out that in order to expand and repopulate the world. At least to get back to what it once was. You will have to expand in SimPocalypse. Since that is the only way to ensure you can rebuild a better world. And as in real life, expansion can be both of military or economic nature. The choice is up to you.

SimPocalypse – Launch Trailer

Control billions of citizens and rebuild millions of structures

The developers at Gamex Studio want to deliver a deep SimPocalypse managerial gameplay. One that can also get you to control billions of citizens and rebuild millions of structures. All so you can try to balance the well being of your people. Then battle random events, expanding to all areas of the world.

You will realize that certain public jobs, such as doctors, policeman, and firefighters are a must. So you can keep your people content and safe. Plus, the only way to build a better world is through research and urban growth.

Managing billions of people – ain’t nobody got time for that!

SimPocalyse’s vast array of Quality of Life and automation features have you covered. Since they ensure you can always focus on making broad strategic and optimal decisions. Then let the game’s features do the heavy lifting of crunching big numbers. And if that’s not enough, you can always utilize the game’s timelapse feature. So that you can play the game at your own pace of up to x10 speed.

SimPocalypse features 100+ unique unlocks and upgrades. Plus a procedural generation of the world, and random events. While requiring 20+ hours to complete a single playthrough at x10 speed. Yet… that is not the end – players can choose to attempt harder trails. Since you can complete challenges or just shoot for the sky. Reaching insane numbers with its prestige function. This allow players a sort of a sandbox experience. Including massive boosts the more times you play it.

SimPocalypse is a fresh take on a genre

SimPocalypse is an attempt to deliver a deep and replayable experience. But it’s also offering 4x, strategy, and city builder players a fresh take on a genre. One that often tends to get flooded with the constant micro-management.

SimPocalypse post apocalyptic full release is available on Steam. Priced at $9.99 USD along with a 20% discount that ends on May 18th.

You can also rebuild civilization in 14 languages. Available in both Linux gaming and Windows PC
The SimPocalypse full release is playable in 14 languages already. Covering English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish (Spain & Latin America). Alsol, French, Polish, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, and Dutch. Gamex Studio also added additional Portuguese- Brazil translations to the game.

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